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Admission Process LLB.3 Yrs 2018-19

Revised Provisional Merit List
  • Aug 28 2018 7:33PM

Important Note:-
 If candidate want to Edit any information in Application Form then click on “I Want to Edit Application Form”, It is compulsory to confirm the application form after edit.
The  Revised Provisional Merit list of MS and OMS candidates  for LL.B-3 Yrs. Course, as proposed in Notice No 2 dated 24th  August 2018, is being declared  based on  information filled in by the candidates through their own log in  related  i) Candidature Type, ii)Category, ii)Academic  Information (PG,UG, HSC, SSC Marks).No verification of the information filled in by the candidates and the documents uploaded by the candidate is done by DHE/CET CELL. If at the time of verification, any discrepancy is observed by the Admitting college, the candidate will be denied the right to admission in that particular round.Hence Candidates advised during the Grievance Period (28th August 8.00 PM to 29th August 2018 upto 11.59 mid night) to ascertain the information filled in and documents uploaded. Candidates will be solely responsible for any mismatch found during final verification at the admitting College. In the Provisional Merit list Tie has been resolved on the basis of Academic Marks of CET,PG,UG, HSC and SSC Marks since tie is resolved on these marks .During Grievance period Candidates will be able to change his personal information, Academic information/details and upload the documents if they want. They will not be able to access the Options of the Colleges.  It will be responsibility of the candidate to Approve and Submit the Application form if they edit it during the Grievance period. Unapproved forms will not be included in the  Revised Final Merit list.
Candidates not considered in the Revised Provisional Merit  will have the chance to bring themselves in the process before the start of the third round as per the schedule  from 22 September 2018 to 27 September 2018 by editing completing and submitting the application form and option form.