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Admission Process LLB.3 Yrs 2018-19

Help Center
  • Jul 26 2018 11:28AM

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Important Instructions for Candidate:- 

  *From the Academic Year 2018-2019 CET CELL and Admissions Regulating Authority have decided to ask the candidates to upload their original documents for applying for the Admission to the Professional Courses of All Directorates.  

*To help the candidates upload the documents CET CELL and Authorised Agency has provided the list of Help Centers. Candidates are requested to read the following instructions carefully:---

1. Help centers will help candidates to fill online application , scan and upload the documents ONLY.

2. Candidates are advised :----  Do not share your password, OTP, Bank details and information related to banking details to any       Center   / Center co-ordinator.

3. Candidate has to register himself / herself.

4. Before login to application form, candidate has to enter his/her password by himself / herself. Candidate should not share the password to the Centre.

5. It is responsibility of candidates to fill of correct information and upload correct documents at Correct place in the upload section..

6.  Before Confirmation of application form and option form please check information Candidate  has filled is correct or not.

7. Before  uploading and after uploading candidate should confirm that he has uploaded the correct document.

8. Help center will charge maximum up Rs. 75/- per application for filling of online form, scan and upload documents.

9.Candidates can fill in the Application form and upload the documents without seeking the help of the Centers.

10. If In -correct information is filled in and the wrong document is uploaded, the admitting college has the right to deny admission to the  candidate. In this case the candidate will have to upload the correct document during the Grievance period or before the start of the third round as per the schedule on the admission web site. 

11. The list of the Centers is uploaded on the Admission web site.