Final Merit List
  • Oct 4 2017 9:01PM

1. Final Merit List for Maharashtra State Candidates.


2. Final Merit List for OMS and J&K Candidates


Important Announcement for LLB-3 Final Merit List.

While Announcing the Provisional Merit List, CET CELL had intimated that the Candidates that some candidates have filled in wrong Graduation/Post Graduation/ HSC and or SSC Marks.

Some Sindhi community candidates had filled in Sindhi as a Religious Minority. The candidates were advised to correct it by verifying the type of Minority of the College.

            Candidates were given two days’ Time to correct their credentials. In Spite of this opportunity some mistakes are visible in the Final Merit list:--- 

·         18 students still have maintained Sindhi as Religious Community.

·         One  candidate have filled in Post- Graduation % as more than 100%

·         One Candidate have filled in Undergraduate % as more than 100%

·         Two Candidates have secured less than 45% Marks in Graduation and or Post Graduation and are not eligible as per the eligibility criteria mentioned in Government Gazette dated 24th April 2017.Their names are not included in the Final Merit List, Since they  are not eligible.

·         14 candidates have not filled in their HSC Marks.

·         110 Candidates have not filled in their SSC Marks.

·        In view of above facts, “All Colleges/Institutes should verify the credentials of the candidates before admitting them in the First and Second Round”.